Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian seem to have more similarities than differences. For a start, they are both female celebrities and they both celebrate their birthdays on the same day because they were both born on October 21. I doubt if they can ever celebrate it together. In case you're wondering why? read on...

Apart from the fact that they were born on same day, same month, both of them are very beautiful women with gorgeous curves. They are white women who show a lot of interest in associating and hanging out with black men. This similarity even led to them dating the same man, Kanye West, although at different times. Talking about dating Kanye West, Amber Rose is Kim Kardashian's predecessor while Kim is Amber's successor.

What Amber Rose is going through is what some white girls are still experiencing not only in the United States but also in some other parts of the world. Rose family members should know that it makes no sense if Rose can not go into a relationship with a man she likes and it is heartbreaking if she can not marry a man of her choice.

Some people say Kim stole Kanye from Rose because Kim allegedly sent him pictures of her when Amber was dating him and they were secretly seeing each other. Fact is only Kim and Kanye actually know the truth about this issue.

Not only do they have interest in dating black men, they both got married to black men. Rose got married to Wiz Khalifa while Kim got married to Kanye West.

America really need such women to help in reducing racism. Kudos to them because racism has no place in this world.

Amber Rose recently spoke out about the racism in her family. She revealed during OWN's Light Girl that not every member of her family supported her marriage to Wiz Khalifa.

She said some of her family members did not attend her wedding because Wiz is African American.

"With my family, they feel like they're more superior or better than an African American because we're Creole and we have culture and that's something I battle with most of my life," Amber said "It's more of the older people in my family."

She continues..."I'm angry that my family is like that and they want to pass so bad that they raise my mom and my uncles and my aunts to not fully know their culture."


Furthermore, are they not aware of the fact that the present American President, Barack Obama, is African American? After all, we are in a free world and this brings us to free dating. "Free Dating" as the name implies is a platform where any man can date, hook-up or marry any woman of his choice and vice versa.

Kim does not seem to have such racial problem from her family because almost all female members of her family, including her mother are dating black men. It is being rumored that since Khloe Kardashian divorced Lamar Odom, she has been seriously looking for another black man but luck is not yet on her side. This is not about picking up any black man from the road side but about getting the right one who can rock her boat. Meanwhile she has tried it out with French Montana but their relationship could not produce the kind of joy she actually needs.

The similarities and differences between Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose will not be complete if nothing is said about their gorgeous booties (see photo below this page). Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose both have curvaceous bodies. Thanks to their gorgeous, well built butt. They both qualify to be in the best-booty hall of fame if there was any.

They are both very proud of their curvaceous bodies and they are not afraid of flaunting those curves to suit their purposes. As we have seen from some of her videos, Amber Rose is so good at twerking as opposed to Kim who is allegedly secretly taking twerk lessons. Fans can't wait to see Kim release her twerk-video.

Both Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian regularly flaunt their assets in social media. They have both bared it all on the internet. However, this does not portray them as good role models for the youths.

When Kim bares it all on Paper mag despite the fact that she is already married and has a daughter, North West, Glee star Naya Rivera took to instagram to criticize her by writing: "I normally don't. But... you're someone's mother." Just like Kim, Rose does not let the fact that she already has a son, Sebastian, stop her from flaunting her assets also. She has done so very often lately now that she is single again.

Rose accumulated more than 1.2 million likes for her four eyebrow-raising images. Kardashian on the other hand has acquired more than 1.5 million likes combined for her three images. This did not come as a surprise because Kim has more followers on Instagram.

Finally, they've both appeared as "covergirl" in lots of magazines. Also both Kim and Rose have taken shoots which were inspired by photographer Jean-Paul Goode's iconic images. Special reference to Rose's Complex magazine shoot as well as Kim's now infamous Paper magazine cover.

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